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Hoima Kolping Hotel, ideally located in the heart of Hoima Municipality, on the highway that leads you to the greatest ventures of Midwestern Uganda connecting to the waters of Lake Albert and into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, welcomes travelers with a relaxed ambience for an experience to remember.

Set in cozy blend of old and new Hoima Town, Kolping Hotel is your personal ambassador to this Ugandan city of oil.

Located on a two and half piece of land, Hoima Kolping Hotel offers you modern and spacious rooms. Hoima Kolping Hotel is one of the most conveniently located Hotels.

On the highway to the oil drilling wells, connected to the Capital city Kampala by an excellent tarmac road its a four-hour drive from Entebbe Airport, guests are well-connected to the rest of the world. With a marriage of services and amenities, this hotel is very convenient for tourists, business travelers as well as other guests who prefer quiet environment totally free from pollutions and noise.

Amenities & Services

Warm cheerful faces will welcome you at Hoima Kolping Hotel, the guest's happiness is the reason we keep here and it is what we stand for. Pick yourself a glass of fresh fruit juice as you get ushered in the refreshing breeze of the many surrounding trees.

From the daily newspapers, wireless internet to the fulltime cable Television, get to know what is happening all around the world during your stay with us. For us, every guest is our ambassador of goodwill.